Realizing Maine’s Wealth Report

It’s Just 5%

Over the next ten years, Mainers are likely to transfer $29 billion to the next generation. If all Mainers choose to invest 5% of their estates in community endowment funds, and if those funds’ investments generated 5% returns to benefit the community, then by 2020 these funds would supply an additional $74 million every year to achieve community economic development priorities.

That’s a big difference for just 5%.  And it’s a substantial legacy that we could easily provide for the people that will inherit the communities we call home.

In an era when Maine’s government and non-profits are struggling to make ends meet, we find ourselves with a feasible and compelling investment opportunity. But we must begin today if we are to realize this great potential.

What is your community worth?

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Pilot Communities and Local Fundraising

Maine Rural Partners has been working with pilot communities in Strong, Rockport, and the Unity region to create local endowment funds inspired by the conclusions of Realizing Maine’s Worth.

Later this year, MRP will publish a Community Legacy Tool Kit that consolidates the lessons learned by these three pilot communities. This Tool Kit will guide other Maine communities who choose to capitalize on this tremendous opportunity.

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