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    Maine Rural Partners News
    Maine Rural Partners has undergone some very positive change in the last year. We have merged with Western Mountains Alliance, said goodbye to some staff, finished several projects, and taken a hard look at what we can do for Maine’s rural communities. To that end, we are developing a project that will allow us to realize our full capability as Maine’s rural voice and collaborator.

    Maine Rural Partners premier project is the Rural Scorecard. The Scorecard will establish benchmarks for towns based on access and affordability of healthy foods, medical care, telecommunications and internet access, education, and energy. Also within the Rural Scorecard will be benchmarks on quality of life issues and prosperity along with town and region wide infrastructure which can inhibit employment and access. The Rural Scorecard will provide a uniform template for communities to evaluate their quality of life and economy against similar and dissimilar communities and the state in general, to provide tangible benchmarks against which they can measure progress. We have a new partnership with the Center for Rural Sustainable Development at the University of Maine in Ft. Kent and board members with employment and volunteerism in all aspects of the Scorecard. We will be able to aggregate data and display that data in a user friendly, graded format on-line with the database of background information linked.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions in  regards to our new project. We’ll update this website as data and news come available.